Partners & Investors

Investment Potential

Market Size & Value

International supply of sea urchins does not meet demand.
Northern Norway contains the highest concentration of sea urchins worldwide.
High quality sea urchins are in demand and attract high prices.

Ecofang Advantage

  • Innovative and efficient solution for harvesting of Sea Urchins.
  • Year-round harvesting of Sea Urchins.
  • Stable and High Gonad Content.

Funders & Partners


Innovation Norway: Granted us funding for establishment phase (€ 10 000).

Flishuset AS: Supporter from our early stage – we are very thankful!


Nærings- og fiskeridepartementet: Presentation of the concept to the Ministry of Fisheries.


SINTEF: In dialog towards cooperation in a project developing autonomous technology for marine harvesting and processing.

Norinnova: Granted us pre-incubation assessment.

SIVA: Welcomed us to establish office freely in Forskningsparken.

Innovation Norway: Mentoring service provided (€ 3 800).

Arctic Accelerator: Achieved participation in their Start-Up program.


KUPA: Joined their Incubator program, granted us funding (€ 6 000).

Innovation Norway: Granted us funding for commercialisation phase 1 (€ 62 000).


Innovation Norway: Granted us funding for commercialisation phase 2 (€ 70 000).

Research Council: Granted us funding for VIT-Project (€ 32 000).

Proff: Capital raised through private investors (€ 212 400).



Potential Investors & Partners

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