sea urchins and other sea food – harvested by our remote controlled system
from the arctic fjords in Northern Norway

National potential of sea urchins

Total population in Norwegian Fjords
By scientists estimated to be 80 Billion individuals

Sustainable harvest rate
The upper potential of a sustainable harvest, with harvest rate of 10%, the outcome is:
8 Billion individuals, divided by 16 sea urchins per kilogram, equals: 500 Million kilograms of sea urchins

Marked value
500 Million kg x Market Price

Market price
Varies greatly, depending on numerous factors, as roe containment, color, flavor, etc
Varies between 10 – 70 €/kg

National potential
Annually 5 – 35 Billion Euro

We address our investors, contributors and supporters


2019: Granted us funding for phase into commercializing (€ 62 000)

2019: Joining their Incubator program and granted us funding (€ 2 500)

2018: Achieved participation in their Start-Up program

2018: Mentoring service provided (€ 3 800)

2018: Welcome us to establish office freely in Forskningsparken

2018: Granted us pre-incubation assessment

2018: In dialog towards cooperation in a project of developing autonomous technology for marine harvesting, processing, etc

2016: Presentation of the concept to the Ministry of Fisheries.

2015: Supporter from our early stage - we are very thankful

2015: Granted us funding for establishment in phase one (€ 10 000)